Cosmetic Contouring

Cosmetic contouring is a type of cosmetic dentistry that reshapes and contours teeth to fix various aesthetic problems. This cosmetic procedure changes the shape, length, and/or position of the treated teeth to make them look more appealing. This procedure is offered to help make your smile more appealing.


Cosmetic contouring is accomplished by carefully sculpting the teeth with a laser or sanding drill. The tool carefully removes enamel to reshape the teeth. Our dentist also uses abrasive strips to shape and smooth the areas in between your teeth. The last step of the process is smoothing and polishing your teeth.


Benefits of Cosmetic Contouring
There are many advantages to getting the cosmetic contouring procedure:
1. Improves your appearance if you have visible problems like crooked, cracked, irregularly shaped or chipped teeth.
2. Corrects teeth that overlap and may fix minor bite problems.
3. Gives you an attractive smile.


Cosmetic Contouring Candidates
Cosmetic contouring is an appropriate type of cosmetic dentistry for most people whose teeth are normal and healthy. You can have this work done as long as you have enough bone between the teeth in question to support them.


Your cosmetic dentist will take X-rays to find the pulp of each tooth that needs reshaping to make sure the work is doable.
If you grind your teeth, cosmetic contouring evens them out, but you’ll undo the work if you continue grinding them. Talk to us about getting a mouth guard to protect the work.